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Since 1993 our doctors and hypnotherapists have hypnotized well over one-million people.

We are America's largest and oldest FREE hypnotherapy clinic. Nobody does more hypnotherapy or does it better than New Life Clinics. And, it's all done online by listening at your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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  • Scroll down until you see our nine FREE hypnosis sessions.
  • Click the session (weight loss, stop smoking, etc.) you wish to experience.
  • You'll see a page with information about the hypnotherapy you selected. Read it. Follow our brief instructions, then click where indicated to start your free session.
  • Enjoy! You'll love how good it makes you feel.


  • If you select our free weight loss hypnosis, prepare to buy new clothes because nothing you own will fit! It's common for our patients to reduce 2-3 clothing sizes within 4-6 weeks (when used as directed).
  • Using our stop smoking hypnosis sessions as directed should save you about $2,000 every year! You'll look better, smell better, breathe better, be healthier, and live longer!

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  • We promise you will not be hypnotized to act strange, spend money, or do anything against your will. This is a free, clinical service and not a "stage show". If you're here to end a disorder or make self-improvement, you're on the right website.
  • Important! For your comfort and safety, follow the directions provided before starting your session.
  • If you can't enjoy a free session now, bookmark this page. Return when you have about 30 minutes to complete the entire session.
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Here's information to help you decide if being hypnotized at your computer for major self-improvement is right for you...

First, you need to know why it's free to you...

We are New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™, America's largest, oldest, and most trusted not-for-profit, online, free hypnotherapy clinic. We are supported with public donations. Those donations are used to pay for what it cost New Life Clinics to provide to you our TOP TEN hypnotherapy sessions right at your computer. Any surplus funds realized from the donations we receive are used to reduce or eliminate human suffering such as feeding hungry children, providing shelter and support for abused women and their children, and other charitable works.

About being scared...

Once again, we promise, you will not be hypnotized to donate or spend money or do anything against your will. You will not be hypnotized to put us in your will, mail your credit cards to us, make you act crazy, or make love to a metal folding chair. You'll be aware of everything that is going on before, during, and after your hypnotherapy session. You'll remember everything that was said and done and remain completely in control of yourself and your environment at all times.

This is not a hypnotist's stage show. It's publicly funded clinical hypnotherapy to help you make significant self-improvements in your health, appearance and happiness free from charge to you. There are no gimmicks, hype and fluff. This is all about providing you excellent, "state-of-the-art", genuine, clinical hypnotherapy sessions you select from those listed below.. Please take this free hypnosis session at your computer seriously. Just because it's free, does not make it of little value to you. Honestly, if you paid Dr. Dean for a private hypnotherapy session, you would pay $140.00 for it. Now, you will receive that same session, at your computer, free from any cost to you. So, please understand, what you are about to receive has real value and, best of all, if you follow Dr. Dean's directions and suggestions during your session, it will make a significant improvement in your life and save you a lot of money, too!

Please be sincere with your use of the hypnotherapy we freely provide to you. And, for goodness sake, do your do diligence by thoroughly checking out New Life Clinics Charitable Trust and Dr. Robert Dean who is the doctor who will hypnotize you. We have provided you a ton of information on this site to help you do that, too!

We believe in you and trust you to follow Dr. Dean's suggestions and directions in order to be properly and safely hypnotized to get you what you want. In turn, we ask that you trust New Life Clinics and its Chief Resident Therapist, Dr. Dean to provide you with excellent, professional hypnotherapy absolutely free from any cost to you.

What you get...

You may experience each of our TOP TEN hypnosis session once, free from any cost to you. In this manner you will discover you can be successfully hypnotized. You'll also experience which hypnosis sessions you enjoy the most and wish to reinforce to achieve a long term or life-time desired result.

Each of these TEN sessions are complete, "state-of-the-art" hypnotic therapy sessions. They incorporate proven, safe clinical techniques to assure you'll achieve your goal.

Dr. Robert Dean will be the doctor who will administer the hypnotherapy sessions you select. He is nationally recognized for perfecting online hypnotherapy that works equally as well as hypnotherapy privately administered in his office at the clinic. You'll know you are in good hands with Dr. Dean as soon as you see and hear him at your computer. He has over 22 years in practice and holds a Ph.D. in clinical hypnotherapy.

What happens to you during a session...

You'll experience your session by simply sitting in front of your computer while watching Dr. Dean on your screen and listening to him. He does all the work. All you do is relax, watch, listen and sincerely follow his easy suggestions and simple directions. After the session, you should feel extremely relaxed and content and, therefore, "know" you were properly hypnotized. Don't be surprised if you also feel highly motivated to achieve the result you desire; it's quite common.

Additional benefits of being hypnotized online...

  • No traveling to the doctor's office; no appointments; no insurance or paperwork; and, best of all, no doctor's bill to pay. Your initial session has already been funded (see how this was done below). Since it's paid for, please enjoy it.
  • We provide you with excellent patient support and free, personal, "private" service. You can talk to the doctor who will hypnotize and treat you online. Simply call, 1-928-279-1848, 9 am to 5 pm, Arizona Time Zone, Monday through Friday. Ask for Dr. Dean should you have any issues or questions not answered on this website or during your session.

What to expect from any of our TOP TEN, free hypnosis sessions...

To achieve the result you desire, you need proven, safe hypnotic programming installed into your subconscious mind to modify your behavior. Each of our TOP TEN hypnosis sessions provides that unique programming for which the session is indicated. You'll discover each session will be an enjoyable and an extremely soothing experience. The desired affect from only one free hypnosis session can be subtle and may or may not cause a permanent result. However, by listening to a prescribed regimen of sessions to reinforce the initial, free session, the odds of your success, based on independent, clinical trials is 84%. Click here to see the information and documentation regarding the clinical trials and patient survey results of our free hypnotherapy sessions.

To assure you of a long-term or life-time desired result, our weight loss and stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions feature their own, unique, "optional" 10-minute reinforcement hypnosis session. Several thousand City of San Francisco employees and hundreds of city police officers were hypnotized by New Life Clinics' doctors and therapists for tobacco smoking cessation and/or weight reduction. To find out the success results of those who did and did not use the optional reinforcement hypnosis sessions after their initial, main, free session, click here.

Want more proof you'll achieve a successful result?

Click here to read an independent, laboratory-audited report regarding the success rate of 10,000 patients hypnotized by New Life Clinics' doctors. (Note: The hypnotherapy those patients experienced is identical to the hypnotherapy you'll experience during your free hypnosis sessions and "optional" reinforcement sessions.)

If you are going to do hypnotherapy right, you absolutely must have...

New Life Clinics' free PDFs of Dr. Dean's e-book Guide for Weight Loss and/or Stop Smoking (as appropriate to the session you select). These PDFs you'll download are important because you will be hypnotized to use them to guide you to do what is necessary to assure you of complete success.

All hypnotherapy sessions listed below (other than weight loss and stop smoking hypnosis sessions) do not require the use of a PDF guide.

What happens if you decide to experience a free hypnotherapy session.

  • First, you'll scroll down to click the picture (icon) of the self-improvement you desire to achieve by being hypnotized at your computer.
  • Next, you'll click your selection. Then, you'll see that session's information page come up on your screen. Read it, then click where indicated to begin your free session and Dr. Dean will begin your hypnotherapy session. It's that simple.
  • You'll then be hypnotized (gently guided into a state of altered consciousness) at which time you'll have administered to you, by Dr. Dean, proven, safe, clinical hypnotic programming to modify your behavior. Your behavior is modified in such a manner to cause or motivate you to achieve the improvement you desire for which the hypnotherapy provided is indicated. This session, during which you are given clear directions and suggestions to achieve what you desire in a safe, proven manner, will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • If you do not have 30 minutes of uninterrupted time available to you at this time or otherwise can't receive treatment now, then bookmark this page or write down its address: so you can return to this site later today or as soon as you can to enjoy a free hypnosis session of your choice.
  • Your first, initial, free, main session will take approximately 30 minutes to complete (and trust us, they will be soothing, luxurious minutes).
  • If you liked the session and it left you feeling relaxed, calm, and content; it means Dr. Dean's hypnotherapy worked well for you. That's when you'll want the optional reinforcement sessions to assure you'll have a desired, long-term or lifetime result.
  • Remember, you may receive each of our TOP TEN hypnosis sessions, listed below, once, free from any cost to you. After enjoying a free hypnosis session you can make a one-time, suggested donation of $20 to receive New Life Clinics' thank-you gift of that session's regimen of reinforcement sessions.
  • You listen to the same reinforcement session on 21 separate days within a 30-day period to lock in the hypnotic programming you received during your initial, main, free session. This is the only way to be assured of a desired, long-term, or permanent result. In other words, you will have increased your odds of a long-term or life-time success from 16% to a lofty 84% by reinforcing the free, main hypnosis session you are about to enjoy.

New Life Clinics' Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Complete the free hypnosis session "as directed". When you are done, think about how you feel. If you feel nicely relaxed, calm, content, and motivated to continue on with Dr. Dean's hypnotherapy to achieve the result you want, then you'll need his regimen of reinforcement sessions to lock in a long-term or lifetime desired result.
  • Donate, one-time, $20. As New Life Clinics Charitable Trust's way to say thank-you for your donation, you will receive a complete reinforcement session on 21 separate days during the next 30 days. (Note: That works out to a dollar per session... hey, it just doesn't get any lower in cost than that anywhere. And, that low-low suggested donation is only possible because we operate not-for-profit).
  • If, on the 30th day, you are not satisfied with your progress, mail to us, via USPS, a copy of your donation receipt requesting a full refund and we will immediately credit your donation to your credit/debit card with no questions asked.

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