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You are here because you have a personal problem or seek self-improvement. You want our doctor to hypnotize you online to end your problem or to achieve self-improvement.

You want this done for free.

We will do this for you after we have prepared you to be properly and safely hypnotized online.


The NINE different hypnotherapy sessions listed below are free from any cost to you. There are no "strings attached"... period.

We can do this because we are publicly funded. We operate not-for-profit. We are an IRS-approved, tax exempt, charitable trust.

You'll be treated on this website by Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth.
He is the Chief Resident Hypnotherapist at New Life Clinics.
He has been in practice since 1989.

You'll be freely cared for by New Life Clinics, the oldest and largest free hypnotherapy clinic in the United States. We were established in 1993.
Since then, we have provided free hypnotherapy in group sessions and online to over ONE-MILLION people worldwide.

New Life Clinics versus the other guys online...

You'll notice that we are different than other hypnosis providers online and in-clinic. We are professional, board-certified doctors of clinical hypnotherapy. We are careful, very thorough, and safety conscious. We properly prepare you for a luxurious, amazing, safe hypnosis session that works. All we ask is that you read this entire page and all the links on it, then you'll truly be prepared for an amazing experience.

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If you know everything you need to know to be hypnotized safely and successfully, then, at your own risk, let's get started now. Click here to select and enjoy a session. CAUTION!: If you don't know everything, we suggest you take a few moments to let us prepare you for a safe and effective hypnotherapy session by you first reading this entire page and its links.

On the other hand, what's the rush?

If you are not sure you want to be hypnotized or can be hypnotized, please take a few minutes to check out everything on this page. Be sure to click every underlined link to do this. Then, and only then, will you really know what's so and be properly prepared for a soothing hypnotherapy session.

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  • About Dr. Robert G. Dean (The Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy that hypnotize you online.)
  • About New Life Clinics Charitable Trust (The trust and clinic that provides its free hypnotherapy to you.)
  • Our Success rate (Your odds of success or failure in achieving your goal(s) by listening to our hypnotherapy.)
  • Our References & Endorsements (Just a small sampling of the letters we've received and the organizations we've helped.)
  • Everything you wanted to know about hypnotherapy but were afraid to ask (including risks and side-effects.)
  • How and why we provide reinforcement session and how we obtain donations...

    As a rule, you can't expected to be hypnotized just once and realize a permanent, desired result for weight loss or tobacco smoking cessation. You need repetitious reinforcement... period!

    Other than weight loss and stop smoking sessions, the rest of our single sessions only need to be listened to as needed or desired to achieve an immediate result and/or keep your self-improvement on track and disorder in check such as ending sleep deprivation or minor aches and pain or to experience sexual enhancement, etc. Many patients want to own those single sessions so they don't have to run to their computer and log onto our website to listen to them. They want them on their phone or on a CD to be used most anywhere, anytime. This is doable. You can own any one of these remaining seven session for a one-time modest, suggested donation of $20.00. We will provide your selection to you via an MP3 download or, if you prefer, on CD mailed to your home (free shipping). Details are found at the end of each free hypnosis session on this website. Our most economical and spectacular fund raising offer is our thank-you gift to you of all of our hypnotherapy sessions (TEN in all) as an MP3 download for a one-time donation of $95.00 or a TEN CD Family Program for $100.00. Detailed information will be found at the completion of your free sessions which will let you act on this fund raising offer.

    Meanwhile, here's how and why we get those reinforcement sessions for weight reduction and/or smoking cessation to you...

    Our 31 minute Weight Reduction Master Hypnotherapy Session and 26 minute Stop Smoking Master Hypnotherapy session are only to be listened to once. They are free "master" sessions designed to be listened to only once and not repeatedly. To assure a permanent, desired result and prevent a relapse, hypnotherapy must be reinforced on 21 separate days within a 30-day period after completing a Master session. To accommodate this need, Dr. Dean has produced a powerful 10-minute reinforcement session for the master Stop Smoking session and the master Weight Loss session, respectively.

    The 10-minute reinforcement session related to the Master session listened to by the patient is made available to the patient after completing the one-time Master Hypnosis session. At the end of the Master hypnotherapy session you will be invited to make a one-time, modest suggested donation of $20.00. If you make the donation at that time, we immediately provide our thank-you gift of the 10-minute reinforcement session applicable to the Master session you selected. This is done via an MP3 download. Optionally, the patient may own the entire Master Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session on 2 CDs as our thank-you gift for a one-time $35.00 donation or the Master Weight Reduction Hypnotherapy Program on 4 CDs as our thank-you gift for a one-time $45.00 donation. CDs are mailed to the patients home address. Postage is free anywhere in the U.S. Overseas postage is added to the donation requested.

  • What we do with public donations

Do It Right

Before you begin your hypnotherapy session, you must be made ready to properly and safely be hypnotized to achieve a desired result. Click here to get ready.

Pre-Hypnosis Instructions

  • Our hypnosis sessions run from 19 to 32 minutes (depending on which one you select). Therefore, allow at least 32 minutes to complete any of our sessions.
  • It's suggested that you be alone for your session. If you can't be alone, ask that person who will be in the room or an adjoining room to be extremely quiet and to not touch or disturb you unless it is extremely urgent.
  • Turn off or extinguish any device which can or does cause fire (fireplace, stove, oven, iron, burning candle, etc.j), otherwise have someone near by to keep an eye on those things while you are in a session.
  • Temporarily turn off your cell phone and other devices that make sound such as a radio, T.V., etc.
  • Be seated in a chair with a back and arms (so you won't fall out of it while in hypnosis). DO NOT SIT ON A STOOL. Sitting or reclining in a recliner chair or lying down on a stable surface (bed, sofa or floor) is okay. If lying down, use a pillow to support your head.
  • If you have a house pet put it out of the room so it cannot bother you or be heard while you are in hypnosis.
  • Close windows, draw drapes, lower blinds, close doors in your room. Turn down the lights. Make certain your environment is secure. If you are alone, lock your doors.
  • Loosen tight clothing, shirt collar, belt, shoes, necktie, etc.
  • Have the temperature in your room set at a level you find most comfortable.
  • Do not exit the session after it has started unless it is urgent. You need to listen to the entire session from beginning to end to achieve a desired result. If you are interrupted (snapped out of hypnosis) during the session, you must return to the beginning of the session and start all over again.
  • You must be sober. No more than 1 beer or 4 oz. of wine or 1 oz of hard liquor is allowed within an hour before the session. Otherwise, wait until you are completely sober. You can't achieve hypnosis if intoxicated on alcohol, marijuana, social. tranquilizing, sedative drug.
  • If you are hungry and/or thirsty, eat something or drink water before you begin your session.
  • Most important, go to the bathroom now even if you think you don't need to go.
  • Never listen to a session while operating a motor driven vehicle, boat or aircraft.
  • You may listen to a hypnosis session wile seated in your motor vehicle while parked provided the interior temperature is comfortable with the air conditioning and/or heater TURNED OFF. Never be hypnotized in any motor vehicle during hot or exceptionally cold weather!, Many of our patients listen to their reinforcement hypnosis session in their car during their lunch hour at work. If you wish to do this, place your transmission in PARK. Set your foot or hand emergency brake. Lock the doors, roll up the windows, (leave one window open by a quarter of an inch for fresh air, weather permitting). Be parked in a quiet area. Leave your motor, radio, air conditioning, fan, and heater TURNED OFF. You can listen to a session on CD via the vehicle's CD player or on a portable CD player. Using an earphones or an ear bud is okay.
  • And finally... the hypnosis you are about to receive is quite powerful to assure that it gets the job done for the vast majority of people who listen to it, including you. Therefore, for your safety, comfort and success, follow Dr. Dean's suggestions and directions to the letter during the entire hypnotherapy session. If you don't, you have no promise. If you do, you'll be more than satisfied.

Do you have questions not covered on this page?

Call Dr. Dean's personal cell phone or send an email with your question(s).
Please keep your question confined to matters regarding this website.
IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to the time in your timezone compared to the time in Dr. Dean's timezone (Arizona Mountain Time).
Adjust accordingly to comply to the hours he is available.
Call between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Arizona (Mountain Standard Timezone), Monday through Friday
Dr. Dean's private cell phone number: (928) 279-1848
Dr. Dean's email address: [email protected]