Does Hypnosis Work?

A Clinical Case Study

New Life Clinics has been providing clinical hypnotherapy services to Americans nationwide since 1993. In that time the Clinics' Doctors and Board-Certified Hypnotherapists have collectively hypnotized well over one-million Americans in a variety of free, live, group hypnotherapy sessions, hypnosis cassette tapes, CDs, and MP3s, as well as more recently through web-based efforts such as this.

In 1995, New Life Clinics contracted Mind Profiles Laboratory, under the direction of Janet Harvey, Ph.D. to conduct a clinical case study and analysis on over 10,000 of New Life Clinics patients. All of the patients had been treated within the previous year (between 08/01/1994 and 08/30/1995).

Mind Profiles Laboratory contacted individuals (blindly) via U.S. postal mail with a three-page survey packet, asking for the individual's assistance in voluntarily completing and returning the survey. No compensation or reward of any kind was offered to anyone for completing the survey. All of the names and addresses of the individuals selected for participation in the case study were drawn from New Life Clinics' clinic registration forms from the specified time period.

Of the 10,014 names and addresses submitted to Mind Profiles Laboratory for participation in the case study, 8,112 (81%) individuals chose to respond, out of which 8,001 (80%) correctly filled out the survey and were thus eligible for consideration in the results. See the survey that was sent to participants.

Notable highlights of the survey results include the fact that 75% of respondents indicated that they had lost weight within the first 30 days and 51% said that they had not relapsed and gained back the weight up to one year later. 84% of smokers had stopped smoking within the initial 21 days of treatment and 51% were still successfully free from smoking one year later. See the results for yourself.

We, at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust, feel that this documented evidence clearly shows that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are excellent choices when it comes to treatments to help an individual lose weight or to stop smoking. These results are also corroborated by a separate, independent study of New Life Clinics' hypnosis results by the City and County of San Francisco (amongst other surveys and results conducted over the years) and best summarized by Dr. Robert G. Dean:

Surveys conducted by the department of psychology in the City Health Department of the City of San Francisco concluded the hypnosis we administered to a large test group of health department employees exceeded a 92% success rate from only one group hypnotherapy session. Other surveys conducted by New Life Clinics® have revealed a success rate for tobacco smoking cessation to be 75% first 30 days and 54% first year. There is nothing of which we are aware that has a higher success rate. We see outrageously high claims of success rates published by retail providers of hypnosis on the internet and in newspapers. However, they cannot prove their claims by an outside credible source. We can and do. If you want what works, you ask for New Life Clinics' hypnotherapy.