Since 1993, New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™ has offered free hypnosis services to well over ONE MILLION people across America and around the world. In that time we have distributed hundreds of thousands of hypnotherapy sessions via CD, MP3, cassette tape, and in live, group hypnotherapy sessions and pre-recorded, "streaming" sessions at a user's computer.

We Operate Not-For-Profit and are Publicly-Funded

All visitors to this website who select an MP3 download or CD from the TOP TEN hypnotherapy sessions we provide and then make a modest, one-time, suggested donation will immediately receive the sessions they selected as New Life Clinics Charitable Trust's way of saying "thank you" for the donor's support. New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™ is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 § 509(a)2, Federally-Registered, non-profit, charitable clinic. We are known as New Life Clinics®. 100% of our funding comes from donors like you. We keep our costs to operate extremely low. Therefore, the amount we suggest visitors donate is affordable by most adults in need of the hypnotherapy that we provide. In fact, we have the highest quality hypnotherapy for the lowest cost online. This is only possible because we operate not-for-profit.

What do we do with your donation?

Image of a hungry child.

We take the net proceeds or your donation and combine them with other donations we receive to help pay our minimal costs to run this website. Then, we take what's left over and we feed hungry kids... thousands of them! We support Feed the Children who feed impoverished, hungry boys and girls across America three nourishing meals per day. We also support Rotary Club's Wheelchairs International Program to purchase new wheelchairs for destitute amputees and folks born without legs.

Finally, we help people with special needs to end their suffering by providing food, shelter, clothing, dental, and health care. These people are in a world of hurt by no fault of their own and cannot possibly help themselves. We are focused on and committed to reducing human suffering and saving lives.

When you donate and receive our thank-you gift of hypnotherapy sessions, you have performed an act of love that will never be forgotten by you, by us, by those we help, and, most importantly, by our highest source of truth and love, our Creator.

New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™, their doctors, and clients have been a family for over 20 years (since 1993). No free, online hypnosis clinic does more to help others. We meet the needs of Americans and others worldwide with our unique, free, and low-cost hypnotherapy and financial support of federally-registered charities. Thank you in advance for selecting and supporting us to help you. A lot of hungry kids and people who hurt thank you, too.

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