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We are New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™. We are a free, online hypnosis clinic that operates "not-for-profit". We have received public funding that allows us to provide free, professional, clinical exercise motivation hypnotherapy to millions of people worldwide, right at their computers.


The affliction known as "Couch Potato" affects millions of people across America and worldwide. Click here to find out if you are a Couch Potato.

Ready to be Motivated to Exercise Daily?

Ready to be hypnotized to get off the couch and actually enjoy exercising? Ready to feel better than you have in years? Ready to enjoy all of this, free from any cost to you?

Our doctor will administer a 22-minute, clinical exercise motivation hypnosis session to you at your computer to enjoy safe, satisfying exercise that you like doing daily.

Yes, it really works! Over 120,000 people have successfully used this amazing hypnosis session with wonderful results.

Please listen to this powerful session as directed to assure yourself of a safe, satisfying result. This exercise motivation hypnosis session will be safe, private, comfortable, and deeply relax your muscles. It's a wonderful experience.

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If you would like to learn more about how this hypnotherapy works to powerfully motivate you to exercise regularly and become physically fit, please click the link below.

Exercise Motivation Hypnotherapy - How It Works

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