A "Couch Potato" is a person who completely lacks motivation to be physically fit and rarely exercises. They tend to avoid exercise and physical activity. They spend a lot of time on their couch or easy chair.

To find out if you are a "couch potato", look at the statements below. If three or more of them are applicable to you, you are a "Certified Couch Potato". And, thank goodness, you are on the right website to be professionally hypnotized by our doctor to end your exercise problems right here and now. First, let's see if you are a "Couch Potato"...

Couch Potato Symptoms List

  • You lack exercise motivation.
  • You are not into fitness and exercise because you lack self-esteem.
  • It's physically uncomfortable or painful to work out and exercise.
  • Exercise and following a workout routine is boring.
  • Exercise to lose weight is not fun.
  • A workout routine takes too much time or you don't have time to exercise.
  • You don't know which workout exercise is best for you, so you do nothing.
  • You don't have workout routines.
  • You didn't ask, "How can I get motivated to workout?"
  • You feel too tired for exercise and physical activity.
  • You don't like to get sweaty when you exercise.
  • You are not sure if you can exercise daily and keep it up.
  • When you say to your doctor, "Help me exercise", he can only respond by prescribing extremely expensive physical therapy, which you can't afford.
  • You are not working out and losing weight because you're lazy.

You don't have to say a word. We "know" you're a couch potato! Don't worry. We'll get you off the couch and physically fit!

If three or more of the foregoing items are applicable to you, then you have an exercise problem which is not good. Luckily, we have the easiest solution to your problem.

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