All of the issues that were applicable to you in our "Couch Potato Symptoms List" are the symptoms of your failing to do daily workout exercise. They are not the cause of why you lack fitness and exercise. What we do to get you off the couch and into exercise and physical activity is to eliminate the subconscious-driven "cause" preventing an exercise workout from being a daily function in your life.

Simply put, we don't treat your symptoms. We do treat and eliminate the cause of those symptoms. Once the cause of you avoiding an exercise workout and not doing a workout routine daily is eliminated, all of the so-called "reasons" why you do not workout and exercise as you should will immediately go away.

How we eliminate the cause of your lacking fitness and exercise you need.

Let's be clear on this fact of reality. The primary cause of all of the items on the Couch Potato Symptoms List are, in fact, a lack of motivation to exercise. If you are not subconsciously motivated to workout and exercise, any efforts to start or maintain a workout routine will quickly fall short of what you desire. Exercise motivation hypnosis is the key to getting off the couch and into fitness and exercise.

You can't just wish to workout and exercise. You need extremely powerful motivation to accomplish a daily exercise workout. To have a powerful drive, even craving, to workout and exercise safely and properly every day requires that a permanent, clear program be installed into your subconscious mind to achieve what you desire. That program will motivate you to do whatever is safe and necessary to locate or create a workout routine that you will absolutely love doing daily. It will automatically adapt to your unique needs, desires, likes, and dislikes at the time. For instance, if you need a workout routine that calls for exercise to lose weight, you'll be extremely motivated to do everything you can to locate and proficiently use that workout routine. Anything you want to know about the kind of exercise you desire can easily be found online.

Our Exercise Motivation Hypnotherapy session has been given to over 120,000 donors as our way of saying thank-you for their one-time, modest, suggested donation. We offer you the same benefit.

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