Below are the most common, interesting, and funniest questions we are asked by those who visit our website and who have also experience our hypnotherapy at their computer or on CD.

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Does hypnosis really work?

This is the question we are asked the most and the answer is, quite simply, "YES". For a detailed explanation and reasons why hypnsis works, click here >>> About Hypnosis

I have epileptic seizures. Is it safe for me to be hypnotized?

Yes, provided you are taking medication to prevent a seizure. If you are not taking medication, you should not attempt to be hypnotized.

I suffer from sleep apnea and wear a breathing mask to sleep. Is it safe to put me in a hypnotic sleep or will it stop my breathing?

As long as you are wearing the mask and your system is operating during the hypnotic induction and while in hypnosis you have no risk of suffocating. I would recommend you have a person with you in the room to make certain you are breathing normally (with your breathing mask on and machine turned on) while undergoing your hypnosis session(s).

I'm 76 years old and overweight/smoke cigarettes. Am I too old to be hypnotized to lose weight/stop smoking?

No, provided you have not been diagnosed to have dementia, or Alzheimer's or any other related brain damage caused by natural aging. The key here is your ability to remain focused on the doctor who is hypnotizing you. If you are having difficulty paying attention to him and cannot remember the most important suggestions given to you, it is highly likely you will not achieve a state of hypnosis and will not benefit from hypnotherapy.

I'm 16 years old and want to lose weight. Will your free online hypnosis take ten pounds off of me?

Yes and No! Children over age 7 are very susceptible to hypnosis (especially teenagers), so it will help you lose all the weight you want. However, the hypnosis provided on this web site is for adults age 18 or older. If you are under age 18 (which you apparently are), please exit this site. When you turn 18 you are welcome to come back and "legally" visit us.

I was told that hypnosis works better on women than it does on men because women are more open-minded than men. Is that true?

No. Gender has nothing to do with how susceptible you are to hypnosis. Men are as open-minded as women, but in a slightly different way. The female brain is slightly different than a male's brain which partly explains why men think somewhat differently than women. However, when it comes to hypnosis and its results, it works equally well on both genders.

The pastor at my church told me that hypnosis is forbidden by God and that members of the Church should never allow themselves to be hypnotized. He said that a person in hypnosis can be possessed by Satan or his demons and other evil spirits. I have seen a hypnosis stage show where people acted out in very stupid ways, so I tend to think he may be right. However, after reading your web site, I don't find anything in it that suggests demonic spirits are involved. All I see is clinical application and charitable kindness to a lot of people. Tell me. Are you an agent of the Devil?


No. Here are the facts: There are only three religions of which we are aware that formally condemn hypnosis in any application (entertainment or for clinical purposes). They are: Jehovah's Witness Church, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the Christian Science Church. All three have a philosophy and belief system that only God heals and only God is authorized to cause one to heal from a given sickness, disease, or injury. Therefore, the application of hypnosis for behavior modification, even weight loss and tobacco smoking cessation, violates that belief system. Consequently, members of those Churches are forbidden to participate in or receive a hypnotic induction of any kind.

Several other churches frown on their members participating in hypnosis for entertainment (such as a stage show). However, it is approved for clinical application for health and self-improvement. We have explored this issue only in the realm of Christian Churches. We have not looked into several other religions outside the scope of Christianity such as the Muslim or Jewish religion, Buddhism, Taoism, or any others. However, we have personally hypnotized a large number of these people who have advised us in therapy settings of their religion and have yet to find anyone who is not a Christian tell us their religion forbids the use of hypnosis for clinical purposes.

Finally, there are Evangelical preachers who "believe" any member of their flock who is in a state of hypnosis can be easily possessed by demons. Of course this is the utmost height of ignorance of what hypnosis is and how it works and incorrect advice to their members. Further, if they would contact the highest authority of the national headquarters of their Church (as we have), they will be advised that hypnosis in a clinical (medical or psychological setting) provided by a board-certified or otherwise licensed health care provider is allowed.

Can I hypnotize myself?


Yes. The fact is, all hypnosis is "self-hypnosis". It is you who hypnotizes you and not the therapist. All the therapist is doing is guiding you into a desirable state of hypnosis and providing suggestions and directions to you that are for your benefit. Most people do not know how to hypnotize themselves. It is a science and an art and takes time to learn to accomplish. Therefore, most people need the professional service of a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist or, preferably, a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy to guide them far enough into a hypnotic state (an altered state of mind) so that safe, proven suggestions and directions can be provided directly to the patient's subconscious mind.

Self-hypnosis used inappropriately can cause undesirable behavior such as a person using self-hypnosis to do something that is foolish or dangerous such as fasting for several days to crash weight off their body. An experienced hypnotherapist will only provide suggestive programming that is safe, harmless, and beneficial to a patient. As an analogy, a lawyer never defends himself in a trial. He hires another lawyer to do that for him. This is also applicable to hypnotherapy. Most knowledgeable hypnotherapists do not hypnotize themselves. They seek hypnotherapy from a trusted, seasoned hypnotherapist.

Are there any negative side effects as a result of being hypnotized?


Usually, no. They can occur however in extremely unusual circumstances. The two most common causes of an undesirable side-effect are being hypnotized and then regressed back into a time or event in one's life when they experienced a horrific trauma such as forced rape, or a brutal accident. A person being regressed back to such an event while in a state of hypnosis can cause aberrations (crying, intense fear, or temporary acute anxiety). The other cause is when a person who suffers from acute anxiety, commonly known as "panic attacks". Such a person, when confronted with the idea of being hypnotized may have a panic attack, resulting in rapid heart beat, sweating, crying, nausea, and a strong compulsion to run away.

Other negative side effects, generally speaking, can only occur if the therapist lacks training and provides unwise or detrimental suggestions to his client that later proved to be unfortunate. This is why anyone who chooses to be hypnotized should select only a seasoned, experienced, Board-Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist that preferably has a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology, or Psychiatry. The level of training these professionals go through is very extensive.

Dr. Dean, and his staff of doctors, have never experienced a patient reporting an undesirable side-effect as a result of the hypnotherapy they administered. This record has stood for over 22 years! Further, the hypnosis provided on this web site and on CDs is completely safe and free from causing any undesirable side effect. All of the hypnosis provided has been tested on over ONE-MILLION patients over the past two decades. No negative incidents have ever been reported by any patient to New Life Clinics or a governing authority.

My mother said you guys can hypnotize me to list you in my will, mail my credit cards to you to use as you wish, and provide you my bank account numbers, key usernames and passwords to my ATM account, send you an e-mail confessing all of my secrets and sins, and become your slave for life. My dad said you could hypnotize me to make love to a metal folding chair while I'm clucking like a chicken in front of everyone at work. I know that sounds bizarre, but you guys look pretty good on your web site at what you do, so my question is: can you really do any of that?


Wait a minute while we get up off of the floor from laughing! Umm, heh-heh, NO! Look at it this way. If we were really that good at being an "Evil Hypnotist", you would be "small potatoes" to us. We would do other things with such power such as end all wars, have everybody learn and speak the same language worldwide, merge all religions into one ideal of oneness with God (to end conflicts), fairly and equally share commodities such as food, oil, and raw materials so all people and nations could prosper equally, establish fair and unified democracy for every nation, remove nuclear weapons from the Earth... and, did we say, have a world currency and a simple, flat tax that is fair and the same world wide?

With such power, we would, no doubt, be extremely wealthy and set for life, so why would we waste our time hypnotizing you to make passionate love to a metal folding chair at work, or to max out your credit card? We have better things to do like saving lives and reducing or ending human suffering which is far more valuable than any amount of money. Tell your folks they can make an appointment to see us for therapy during clinical hours, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Tell them to bring a metal folding chair with them to the session.

Finally, understand you absolutely cannot make anyone do anything that is against their will or belief system. It's impossible. While you see hypnotist stage shows make people behave like freaks, these people want to be seen doing this. Yes, they are hypnotized. Here is how this really works:

5% of the population are characterized as natural exhibitionists. This means they love to exhibit themselves to others. Most of these kinds of people are also hyper-suggestible. So, when the stage hypnotist invites people in the audience to come up on stage and have a little fun, you will see about five percent of the audience get on the stage. The hypnotist will administer a fast suggestibility test to all on stage looking for well-known clues that reveals each person's level of suggestibility. He then selects those who are most suggestible and sends those who are not back to the audience. He now has his act of five to fifteen people. These people are easily hypnotized and will do almost anything directed by the stage hypnotist in order to exhibit themselves to the audience. After all, they can always claim, "The hypnotist made me do this, that, or the other goofy thing" and not have to take responsibility for it. So, my dear patient, don't sweat it. You will not be made a fool of by us and it can't be done to you anyway because it is not your will to act like a fool. And, of course, we would never do that anyway. We are not stage entertainers. We are doctors.