The Truth About Sleep Hypnosis

It has been clinically proven in university sleep clinics and laboratories that hypnosis will not put a person into a true, nocturnal sleep. The brain waves observed and measured while a person is allegedly put to sleep while listening to a sleep hypnosis session are those seen only in a person who is in a deep hypnotic state called somnambulism. Somnambulism is a deep state of hypnosis that very closely resembles normal sleep, but, it is not a natural sleep. Now, follow us carefully so you'll understand how all of this works.

Many providers of hypnosis sell sleep hypnosis CDs and MP3s that claim their sleep hypnosis causes listeners to fall asleep. The truth is, most of them don't work! Why? Because they can't. You see, hypnotic sleep very closely resembles natural sleep, but the brain waves experienced and needed for natural sleep are different. Therefore, while the client may look and seem to be asleep, they are not getting the right kind of sleep at any time they are in hypnosis to sleep. Those who experience these sessions often wake up tired. No rapid eye movement (REM) or dreaming took place. REM and dreaming are absolutely essential for psychologically satisfying and restful sleep.

The aforementioned problem is all too common. It's because most so-called hypnotists and some hypnotherapists are not trained to understand the difference between natural sleep and hypnotically-induced sleep (somnambulism). Novice hypnotists believe, when they hypnotize a person to sleep, that the client is asleep because the client appears to be that way for hours (when hypnotically programmed to do so). Therefore, as far as the novice hypnotist is concerned, their CD or sleep hypnosis download does its job as advertised. The problem is, it's the wrong kind of brain wave and the wrong kind of sleep! It's not natural sleep and, therefore, not psychologically adequate to accomplish what only natural sleep can do.

So, the message here is this: If you are going to use clinical hypnotherapy online, or on a CD or MP3, to have a good night of natural sleep, use New Life Clinics' Sleep Hypnotherapy professionally narrated by Dr. Robert Dean.

How Our Sleep Hypnosis Works

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Dr. Dean and his staff of doctors and board-certified, clinical hypnotherapists are very aware of the scientific fact that hypnosis does not, and cannot, put a person into a healthy, natural sleep. Consequently, as a scientist and Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dr. Dean developed a sleep hypnotherapy session that prepares a person to fall into a natural sleep.

The main difference with Dr. Dean's Sleep Hypnosis and all others is that his is structured to automatically bring you out of your hypnotic sleep after the session ends. When that happens, you are momentarily in a semi-conscious state and very sleepy. Then, within a few seconds, you automatically enter into a normal, nocturnal, deep, natural sleep. You do not return to hypnotic sleep. You will generally stay in that natural sleep state (if undisturbed) for 6 to 8 hours. When you awaken you will be completely rested, refreshed, and feeling wonderful. That's because you were not denied the natural, rapid eye movement (REM) and dreaming that is essential for numerous psychological reasons and can only be obtained in natural sleep. REM and dreaming are not possible in hypnotic sleep, they can only happen in natural, nocturnal sleep.

Why you NEED to Dream

Your subconscious mind puts its mental trash and undesirable programs into dream patterns and empties it out while you sleep. If the programming and/or memories are really bad (very undesirable) you will experience what are called nightmares or "night terrors". That's one of the reasons that the dreams you do remember are so bizarre and strange. Most dreams are not remembered because the "mental trash" and programming dumped by your subconscious mind is insignificant. So, having a nightmare is not a bad thing. If that "stuff" is kept within the mind, it often has detrimental affects on the individual. That's why 7 to 8 hours of natural sleep, during which you dream, are essential to good mental health.

As an aside here, dreams have also been reported to be generated from a spiritual level found only within your highest level of your mind (your spiritual mind). Dreams may be the subconscious mind's way of trying to communicate with your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind is your "logical mind" or "thinker". The subconscious mind does not know how to think logically. Your subconscious mind can only take programs derived from memories, experiences, and instincts you have and call upon them to carry out many of your daily functions. For instance, you don't "think" about tying your shoes. You simply tie them without any thought. That's because your subconscious mind has a "program" in it that causes you to tie your shoes when called upon by your conscious mind to do so.

When the subconscious mind gets clogged up with programs it no longer uses or wants to retain, or has insignificant memories never accessed by you that go back to your infancy, it gets rid of them in your dreams. That's why everyone needs adequate sleep. If they don't get it, negative psychological repercussions most certainly will occur. In fact, it is quite possible to go insane if deprived of sleep long enough. The subconscious mind must rid itself of its mental trash once or twice every 24 hours to function normally. So, a full night or restful, natural sleep with dreaming right after falling asleep and again just before waking is essential for good mental and physical health. Dr. Dean's Sleep Hypnotherapy is the safest way to put a person into a natural, luxurious sleep.

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