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Keep reading to discover more about our Hypnosis for Marital Sexual Enhancement.

Hello. I'm Dr. Robert Dean. With your permission, I'll be your doctor that will administer Sexual Enhancement Hypnosis to you and your significant other online, at your computer, or, if you prefer, by listening to a CD.

This hypnosis session is listened to by a couple, together. It hypnotizes you both, at the same time, to experience marvelous enhancement in your sexual relationship that will amaze, delight, and satisfy you both for years to come.

Due to the taboos regarding sex amongst the American population, most people develop subconscious issues that are polluted with ignorance, shame, fear of inadequate performance, embarrassment, lack of sexual self-esteem, male psychological impotency, female frigidity, and a host of other negative issues. These issues retard, if not make it impossible, for most people to completely enjoy their sexual relationship with one another. WHile you may be one of the few who believes your sex life is satisfactory, honestly, there is, without any doubt, lurking deeply within your subconscious mind (beneath your conscious awareness), issues that in certain ways deprive you and your mate of complete sexual bliss with each other.

The only way to have the very best sexual experiences with each other is to be professionally hypnotized to access these sexual hang-ups within yours and your sexual partner's subconscious minds and remove their negative affect on you both. This results in safe, sexual freedom causing ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Please understand, sexual freedom unbridled is unwise. Therefore, part of the hypnotic programming motivates you to practice "safe sex" in regard to preventing an unwanted pregnancy and guarding against sexually transmitted diseases. Further, if any sexual activity physically or psychologically hurts, smells or tastes bad, demeans your dignity or violates deeply held religious convictions, you will not participate.

Anything other than those cautions is okay, accepted by you both, looked forward to, enjoyed immensely, and is extremely satisfying. In other words, all "sexual hangups" are torn down leaving you safely and ethically free to completely enjoy yourselves together.

Neither of you are concerned with how you look to each other. Your sexual drive and passion for sex with and only with each other takes you way past looks and causes you to experience your sexual relation on a much higher level that borders on a spiritual and passionate love. Truly, your sexual union with each other just doesn't get any better!

Be forewarned, this unique hypnotherapy, after a session, causes you both to be so uninhibited sexually with each other, that after your sexual experience you both will realize what you experienced is better than any sex either of you may have ever had with another person (other than with each other). In other words, you both realize the sex you enjoyed with each other was the very best ever and that there is nobody out there that can satisfy you more. Nobody! Therefore, use of this Sexual Enhancement Hypnotherapy promotes monogamy (the state of being extremely faithful and sexually loyal only to each other). Neither of you will have any interest in considering a sexual encounter with another person. And yes, it's that powerful! The old saying, "Why go out for hamburger when there is steak at home?" certainly applies to the results caused by being hypnotized together while listening to this hypnosis session.

Quite frankly, it's difficult to describe the affect it will have on both of you. Uninhibited sex with each other at a level of passion neither of you thought possible makes saying to each other, "I love you" very meaningful, honest, sincere, and real. That's why the doctors at New Life Clinics call this hypnosis session "The Marriage Saver". It's co-equal sexual oneness that few people ever experience. Enjoy this hypnotherapy session together at your computer or listening to the optional CD as directed, and you will understand and "know" how powerful and wonderful sexual oneness really is.

Use this session as often as desired. Every sexual encounter will seem different, always uninhibited, and of course, extremely satisfying. Sex is never boring. More and more comes out of you both in your sexual expression of love for each other with every session. A new level of joy and love emerges after experiencing this session for the first time. Ever time thereafter, it just gets better and better. You must try it.

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