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Over 100,000 people used Dr. Dean's Pain Relief [Hypnoanesthesia] Hypnotherapy to reduce, relieve, and even eliminate their pain. It's doctor recommended for minor aches and pains such as occasional headaches, back aches, arthritis flareups, tired sore feet, sore muscles, joint pain, fibromyalgia, etc.

If you are taking doctor-prescribed medication for pain relief, continue to do so as prescribed. However, pain for which you have no medication or remedy for relief; this online hypnosis session is for you.

We are New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™. We are a free, online hypnosis clinic that operates "not-for-profit". We have received public funding to provide free,professional, clinical hypnoanesthesia (pain relief) hypnotic therapy to millions of people worldwide. This is done on one's computer and/or smart phone. You can, too. If you are now in pain and want to reduce it or eliminate it, enjoy this free session now. It works, and yes, it's truly free!

You get the best doctor to hypnotize you to be pain free. He is Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. He is a Board Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He will administer this soothing pain relief hypnotherapy session to you.

And, yes, it really works! Over 100,000 people have successfully used this amazing hypnosis session to experience soothing pain relief.

Please listen to this session as directed to assure yourself of a safe, satisfying hypnosis session. This pain relief hypnotherapy will be safe, private, comfortable, and deeply relaxing. It's a wonderful, soothing experience. Enjoy!


Inappropriate use of this Pain Relief Hypnosis can mask, minimize, or eliminate pain that you are currently in which indicates that something is seriously wrong with your body. If you are in sharp, acute or chronic pain and do not know why, please see your doctor as soon as possible. Do not use this session until you have done so and discussed it with him or her.

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