WARNING: Pain tells you something is seriously wrong with a part of your body and needs immediate attention. Please consult with a licensed, medical professional prior to using our free, online pain relief hypnosis to relive any acute (sharp, sudden, unexpected pain) or chronic (long-term, continuous) pain.

The proper way to eliminate pain is to remove the cause of your pain. To stop pain without properly dealing with the cause of your pain first can make the cause of your pain worse.

As an example: A man has acute pain in the lower side of his torso. He listens to a pain relief hypnosis session. Within minutes, he is in deep hypnosis and out of pain. He is guided out of hypnosis pain free which typically lasts for hours if not days.

The man is fine for about two hours, then his appendix ruptures and he dies within a matter of minutes. The patient used his pain relief hypnosis inappropriately. He was not clear on the SOURCE or CAUSE of the pain and what pain on the inside of the body in that location could mean.

Had the individual immediately sought medical care, a physician would have recognized the problem and emergency surgery would have resolved the problem. The appendix would have been surgically removed to end the pain. Then, the pain relief hypnosis session could have been (properly) used to prevent or minimize post-operative pain to speed recovery, pain free.

Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy are NOT medical doctors. We will not advise you to use or not use pain relief, be it hypnosis or otherwise. That's a decision between you and your medical doctor. We will tell you what our pain relief hypnosis will do for you when listened to as directed and administered to you properly. We also recommend that you see a licensed, medical doctor for complete pain diagnosis to determine the cause of your pain if you are not sure what is causing the pain prior to using ANY Pain Relief Hypnosis Session.

Where Are Your Aches and Pains?
What's sore, hurts, aches, spasms, or is painful?

Please click the buttons (below) that describe the type of pain or discomfort you are currently experiencing. A message will appear on your screen advising you if our doctor's Pain Relief Hypnosis will end your pain for that particular disorder. It will also advise you what you should do to end the disorder and the discomfort or pain it causes.

Note: No record of your selections is kept by New Life Clinics. Your selections are kept completely confidential.

The painful disorders described below represent the way painful disorders are most commonly expressed by the thousands of clients we have hypnotized to end their pain. Therefore, we avoided the proper, medical description (usually in Latin) of these painful disorders and used the names most people call them so you can effortlessly identify and click the button for the specific pain you are now experiencing.