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We are New Life Clinics, since 1993 we have provided free hypnosis to stop smoking to well over 500,000 people worldwide with great success. Now, it's your turn...

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Benefits to You:

  • Our free stop smoking hypnotherapy session allows you to find out if you can be hypnotized to end your smoking without any risk or cost to you, in the quiet security, comfort, and privacy of your own home, right at your computer.
  • No traveling to the doctor's office; no appointments; no insurance or paperwork; and, best of all, no doctor's bill to pay. Your initial session has already been funded (see how this was done below). Since it's paid for, please enjoy it.
  • Your initial and follow-up quit smoking hypnosis session will be safe, and very soothing.
  • Allows you to decide if you like our doctor who will provide to you "state-of-the-art" tobacco smoking cessation hypnotherapy at your computer.
  • You are provided a free PDF copy of Dr. Dean's e-book New Life Clinics' Guide to Stop Smoking which guides you to success and goes hand-in-glove with the quit smoking hypnotherapy provided.
  • This is a complete stop smoking hypnotic therapy program that involves more than one session to assure you of a lifetime of freedom from smoking cigarettes. It's the "real thing". The treatment you receive at your computer is exactly the same treatment you would receive in a private hypnotherapy session in Dr. Dean's office at New Life Clinics' main treatment facility in Kingman, Arizona.
  • We offer you an Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee that you will achieve your goal (of quitting smoking) if you assure us you will read this page, then click where indicated, relax, "listen", and be hypnotized "as directed".
  • We provide you with excellent patient support and free, personal "private" service. You can talk to the doctor who will hypnotize and treat you online. Simply call, 1-928-279-1848, 9am to 5pm, Arizona Time Zone, Monday through Friday. Ask for Dr. Dean should you have any issues or questions not answered on this website or during your session.

Why Your Session is Absolutely Free

We are New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™, America's largest and oldest, not-for-profit, free, online hypnotherapy clinic. We are supported with public donations. Therefore, your hypnosis session to quit smoking has already been paid for with modest donations made by many sincere people who were grateful for the results they experienced as a result of our hypnotherapy treatment program. Please enjoy this wonderful hypnosis session. You'll find it safe, soothing, and a luxurious time-out from your busy life.

The big question is, are you really going to make this happen? Or, will you exit this site and keep playing mind games with yourself?

If you enjoy your initial, free hypnotherapy session to stop smoking and feel wonderful and content afterwards; it means you were properly hypnotized and are ready to complete your therapy. That's when you take your most important, sincere step forward and complete your therapy, "as directed" to end your cigarette smoking.

So, what's it going to be? Games or reality? Continued damage to your health and appearance or rising up into light and a healthy lifestyle? If you keep reading, and take appropriate action, you have taken a big step and made a heartfelt, intelligent decision. But first, let's see if your addiction is stronger than you are. Let's see if your addiction will force you to exit this website in the next few minutes. If it can't, your odds are good that you'll be free from smoking for good after completing this therapy.

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How we send hundreds of insincere people running to the hills!

We know the majority of people who start a free session don't complete it. After listening to it for a few moments they realize, "Oh my gosh! It's real hypnotic therapy." and exit the session. It's not the magical, entertaining, or thrilling experience that somehow will cause them to instantly quit smoking they had hoped for. And, because people who smoke tobacco products are addicted to nicotine, when they realize they are on to something that will end their addiction (and the "pleasure" they get out of it), they immediately exit this website. These people "think" they would like to be smoke free, but when a proven way is opened to them to stop smoking for good, they run to the hills!

How we send people packing...

Many visitors to this site, who complete their initial, main stop smoking session, do not make a one-time, modest, suggested donation to receive New Life Clinics' thank-you gift of follow-up quit smoking hypnotic therapy treatments needed to assure a desired result. Those follow-up hypnotherapy treatments call for a 10-minute stop smoking hypnosis reinforcement session on 20 separate days within the next 30 days.

Yeah... we know, some people won't even make a paltry donation, yet alone listen to Dr. Dean's 10 minute, state-of-the-art tobacco smoking cessation hypnotic therapy reinforcement session to end their disorder. They just don't get it because they are not being honest and sincere with themselves or us. They behave like a typical addict. They want to escape from their addiction to nicotine yet, when a proven method is handed to them on a silver platter to end their addiction, they run from it and disappear into the dark shadows of their unhealthy addiction. They continue to own and perpetuate their addiction until it destroys their health. Well, the good news is, if you have read this far, maybe... just maybe... you are sincere and dedicated enough to tell yourself, "Enough is enough!" and start our fascinating process to end your disorder right here and now. So, let's see if you've got what it takes. Let's see what you're made of...

We're going to be brutally honest with you.

Your problem (disorder) is a behavioral problem. After all is said and done, it is your behavior that causes you to smoke cigarettes. Plain and simple! Until your behavior is modified to end the perpetuation of your smoking cigarettes, you'll remain stuck in your unhealthy behavior pattern. No matter how often you try to break out of it (and we know you have tried more than once), you will return to it. We can and will hypnotically guide you out of your unhealthy, even dangerous, behavior pattern and program you to be free from smoking for good. Now that you know what's so, are you going to behave like a typical addict or are you really going to do what's right for you and end what is slowly destroying your health, appearance, happiness, and your bank account, too? It's time for a reality check. If you're going to end your disorder, then keep reading.

Got Ten Minutes?

There is no such thing as instant gratification by using hypnosis to end your smoking. Let's be clear on that right now. Like any genuine therapy that really works, hypnosis applied as a "therapy" (hypnotherapy), requires multiple, brief, 10-minute applications over a specified period of time to achieve the result you desire. Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Hypnotherapy is a clinical, scientifically-developed procedure. It does require repetition over time for a lasting result.

The truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us, God!

Hypnosis is not magic. It can't make you instantly do what is not doable or achieve what is not possible. If you were hoping for that, or believe what others advertise online, we ask you to use wisdom and drill down into this matter. For your sake, for the truth, listen to our doctor and read what he has to say About Clinical Hypnotherapy. Once you have been given the truth... the clinical facts regarding this matter... You will ignore those who promise you the moon and scheme to take your money.

Who do you want to hypnotize you? A so-called "hypnotist" or a Board-Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Let's be clear. Hypnosis DOES modify behavior to naturally achieve long-term freedom from smoking provided it is administered to you by a person who knows what he/she is doing and you listen to that person "as directed". We will provide to you our Chief Resident Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dr. Robert Dean, to administer state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions to you, at your computer. He has over 22 years in practice and is the nation's leading authority on stop smoking hypnosis administered online. You get only the best.

Want a complete hypnotic therapy program?

Understand, this is a complete stop smoking hypnotherapy program. Complete hypnotic therapy requires a regimen of 21 hypnotherapy sessions within 30 days. Clinical research at UCLA and by our doctors over the past 20 years at New Life Clinics have proven that, for the vast majority of people, ONE hypnosis session will NOT cause a long-term, desired result for most people. If you want to struggle and climb the walls to quit smoking, be hypnotized only once and then we'll watch you go through withdrawal that is so uncomfortable, you'll be lighting up a cigarette within hours after that ONE session. If you want to end your smoking comfortably and for good, once again, do it right... keep reading.

What to expect from your first, free, main stop smoking hypnotherapy session.

It's a clinical fact, you need to receive an initial main quit smoking session during which our doctor will install the basic, safe, proven programming within your subconscious mind needed to modify your behavior to cause you to quit smoking. This powerful, initial session is free and begins the desired behavior changes you need to be successful. The desired affect from the initial hypnosis session will be subtle and may or may not last without reinforcement. That is typical if only hypnotized once to stop smoking. However, if you elect to use Dr. Dean's "optional" reinforcement hypnosis sessions, as directed, right after you complete the initial free session, and you listen to that 10-minute reinforcement session on 21 separate days within the next 30 days, the odds are 84% in your favor that you will achieve a lifetime of freedom from smoking cigarettes. Those are the documented, clinical facts. There is not, to the best of our knowledge, a method or program that has a higher, documented, proven success rate. This is why over one-half million people have come to us to be hypnotized to stop smoking of which independent, credible surveys have proven the vast majority were completely successful.

How your hypnotherapy will go...

  • In your case, you'll start your stop smoking hypnotherapy, ideally in a few minutes. You'll enjoy the initial, main, free hypnotherapy session to begin the process of ending your cigarette smoking for good.
  • If you can't receive treatment now, then start later today or as soon as you can. Remember, you are addicted to nicotine. Therefore, your subconscious mind will create excuses or reasons to avoid this session. Don't let your addiction take control. Just get your free session completed now, as directed, and you'll be in complete control and remain so in regarding this issue.
  • Your first, initial, free, main session will take less than 30 minutes to complete (and trust us, they will be soothing, luxurious minutes). We think you'll like your therapy experience.
  • If you liked the session and it left you feeling relaxed, calm, and content; it means you're "good to go" and Dr. Dean's hypnotherapy worked well for you.
  • Once you have completed your initial free session, after which you have donated and received your first 10-minute reinforcement session, you are sincerely in therapy and Dr. Dean's patient. Your entire therapy program will take 30 days to complete from that point on.
  • During the remaining 30 days, you'll be hypnotized for 10 minutes on 21 separate days, at your leisure. This gives you some days and weekends off if you need to take a brief break from your daily 10 minutes of therapy.
  • At the end of the 21st reinforcement session your therapy will be complete and the perpetuation of your smoking is over with. You will no longer smoke. In fact, you'll walk, talk, think, act, and behave like a person who has never lit up a cigarette in their entire life.

New Life Clinics' Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Complete the free hypnosis session to stop smoking.
  • When you are done and if you enjoyed the session, donate, one-time what is suggested.
  • Receive and complete, "as directed" a 10-minute stop smoking hypnosis reinforcement session on 20 separate days within 30 days from the date you donated.
  • If, on the 30th day, you are not satisfied with your progress, mail to us via USPS a copy of your donation receipt requesting a full refund and we will immediately credit your donation to your credit/debit card with no questions asked.

Smoke and overweight? Get both treatments to end them...

If you smoke cigarettes and are overweight, you may receive both treatment programs, one after completing the other. Our doctor suggests that you begin by selecting the stop smoking program first. When you are successfully done with that program, you may then begin our weight loss program to lose all the weight you want. And yes, the initial, main session for both are absolutely free from any cost to you.

Just a reminder... After you complete your free session...

Don't forget to print out New Life Clinics' Guide to Stop Smoking. It's a free PDF e-book that goes hand-in-glove with your stop smoking hypnotherapy session and the stop smoking reinforcement sessions that follow.

Doctor's Orders

State regulations require that our doctor has on file the name and residential or e-mail address of every patient that he treats (hypnotizes) and these records be kept under lock and key as privileged, doctor-patient information. We must comply with state regulations. Please sign in, where indicated, before you begin your free session. Otherwise, we will not treat you. And, for the record, we promise you will never be spammed by us or because of us. The clinic's and your doctor's relationship with you is kept strictly private and confidential.

Okay, Let's Get Started...

  • Please click the stop smoking hypnosis button below.
  • Sign in.
  • Follow the simple directions and enjoy.
  • If you can't do this now, bookmark this page and return to it today, when you have about 30 minutes to do this right.
  • For heaven's sake, don't put this off! Honestly, this is a limited time offer.
  • This program remains available as long as donations continue coming in. If those drop off, the initial, free hypnotherapy session will no longer remain free. Please act now while this initial session is still completely free from any cost to you.

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