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Thank you for visiting us to immediately be relieved of your habit and addiction to cigarettes. You are just a click away from experiencing an amazing, powerful tobacco smoking cessation hypnotherapy session on your computer, iPad, or smart phone. We think you'll really like it. Hundreds of thousands of ex-smokers already have.

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We are New Life Clinics. Since 1993 we have provided free hypnosis to stop smoking.

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Benefits to You:

  • Our free stop smoking hypnotherapy session allows you to find out if you can be hypnotized to end your smoking without any risk or cost to you, in the quiet security, comfort, and privacy of your own home, right at your computer, smart phone, or iPad.
  • No traveling to the doctor's office; no appointments; no insurance or paperwork; and, best of all, no doctor's bill to pay. Your initial session has already been publicly funded. Since it's paid for, please enjoy it. Don't miss out! When public funding on hand has been spent, this offer that provides free stop smoking hypnotherapy to you will no longer be available. Please act now while it is still free.
  • Your quit smoking hypnosis session will be safe and very soothing.
  • Allows you to decide if you like our doctor who will provide to you "state-of-the-art" tobacco smoking cessation hypnotherapy at your computer.
  • You are provided a free PDF copy of Dr. Dean's e-book New Life Clinics' Guide to Stop Smoking which guides you to success and goes hand-in-glove with the quit smoking hypnotherapy provided.
  • This is a complete stop smoking hypnotic therapy program that, when completed "as directed", causes a lifetime of freedom from smoking cigarettes. It's the "real thing". The treatment you receive at your computer is exactly the same treatment you would receive in a private hypnotherapy session in Dr. Dean's office at New Life Clinics' main treatment facility in Kingman, Arizona.
  • We offer you an Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee that you will achieve your goal (of quitting smoking) if you assure us you will read this page, then click where indicated, relax, "listen", and be hypnotized "as directed".
  • We provide you with excellent patient support and free, personal, private service. You can talk to Dr. Dean who will hypnotize and treat you online. Simply call, 1-928-279-1848, 9:00am to 5:00pm, Arizona Time Zone, Monday through Friday, should you have any issues or questions not answered on this website or during your session.

Why Your Session is Absolutely Free

We are New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™, America's largest and oldest, not-for-profit, free, online hypnotherapy clinic. We are supported with public funding. Therefore, your hypnosis session to quit smoking has already been paid for. Please enjoy this wonderful hypnosis session. You'll find it safe, soothing, and a luxurious time-out from your busy life. And yes, it really works.

The big question is, are you really going to make this happen? Or, will you exit this site, remain a slave to nicotine addiction?

If you enjoy your initial, free hypnotherapy session to stop smoking and feel wonderful and content afterwards; it means you were properly hypnotized and are now a person who has never smoked! You see, Dr, Dean does not hypnotize you to QUIT smoking, he hypnotizes you to BE A PERSON WHO HAS NEVER SMOKED! Therefore, why would you smoke cigarettes if you never started? Why would you think about smoking if you never did it? It is in this manner that those Dr. Dean hypnotizes immediately escape from habitual smoking of cigarettes and relieved of addiction to nicotine.

So, what's it going to be? Games or reality? Continued damage to your health and appearance or rising up into light and a healthy lifestyle? If you keep reading, and take appropriate action, you have taken a big step and made a heartfelt, intelligent decision. But first, let's see if your addiction is stronger than you are. Let's see if your addiction will force you to exit this website in the next few minutes. If it can't, your odds are good that you'll be free from smoking for good after completing this therapy.

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The truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us, God!

Hypnosis is not magic. It can't make you instantly do what is not doable or achieve what is not possible. If you were hoping for that, or believe what others advertise online, we ask you to use wisdom and drill down into this matter. For your sake, for the truth, listen to Dr. Dean and read what he has to say About Clinical Hypnotherapy. Once you have been given the truth... the clinical facts regarding this matter... You will ignore those who promise you the moon and scheme to take your money.

Who do you want to hypnotize you? A so-called "hypnotist" or a Board-Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Let's be clear. Hypnosis DOES modify behavior to naturally achieve long-term freedom from smoking provided it is administered to you by a person who knows what he/she is doing and you listen to that person "as directed". We will provide to you our Chief Resident Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dr. Robert Dean, to administer state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions to you, at your computer or smart phone. He has over 29 years in practice and is the nation's leading authority on stop smoking hypnosis administered online. You get only the best.

What to expect from our free stop smoking hypnotherapy session.

It's a clinical fact, you need to receive an initial main quit smoking session during which Dr. Dean will install the basic, safe, proven programming within your subconscious mind needed to modify your behavior to cause you to quit smoking. This powerful session is free and begins the desired behavior changes you need to be successful. The odds are 84% in your favor that you will achieve a lifetime of freedom from smoking cigarettes if you follow all of Dr. Dean's suggestions and directions. Those are the documented, clinical facts. There is not, to the best of our knowledge, a method or program that has a higher, documented, proven success rate. This is why over one-half million people have come to us to be hypnotized to stop smoking of which independent, credible surveys have proven the vast majority were completely successful.

How your hypnotherapy will go...

  • In your case, you'll start your stop smoking hypnotherapy, ideally in a few minutes. You'll enjoy Dr. Dean's free hypnotherapy session to begin the process of ending your cigarette smoking for good. How so? It's simple... you'll be hypnotized to be a person who has never smoked.
  • If you can't receive treatment now, then start later today or as soon as you can. Remember, you are addicted to nicotine. Therefore, your subconscious mind will create excuses or reasons to avoid this session. Don't let your addiction take control of you! Just get your free session completed now, as directed, and you'll always be in complete control.
  • The session will take less than 30 minutes to complete (and trust us, they will be soothing, luxurious minutes). We think you'll like your therapy experience.
  • If you liked the session and it left you feeling relaxed, calm, and content; it means you're "good to go" and Dr. Dean's hypnotherapy worked well for you.

Smoke and overweight? Get both treatments to end them...

If you smoke cigarettes and are overweight, you may receive both treatment programs, one after completing the other. Dr. Dean suggests that you begin by selecting the stop smoking program first. When you are successfully done with that program, you may then begin our free weight loss program to lose all the weight you want. And yes, the initial, main session for both are absolutely free from any cost to you.

Doctor's Orders

State regulations require that our doctor has on file the name and residential or e-mail address of every patient that he treats (hypnotizes) and these records be kept under lock and key as privileged, doctor-patient information. We must comply with state regulations. Please sign in, where indicated, before you begin your free session. Otherwise, we cannot treat you. And, for the record, we promise you will never be spammed by us or because of us. The clinic's and your doctor's relationship with you is kept strictly private and confidential.

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  • If you can't do this now, bookmark this page and return to it today, when you have about 30 minutes to do this right.
  • For heaven's sake, don't put this off! Honestly, this is a publicly funded offer and will end when those funds have been used up. Act now to get your free stop smoking hypnosis sessions.

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