Our free, online hypnosis for weight loss begins by listening to an initial, 30-minute session with Dr. Robert Dean at your computer. Once the initial, free session is completed, the programming is then in your subconscious mind which strongly motivates you to follow Dr. Dean's healthy eating regimen. That eating regimen is included with the free session and provided to you as a PDF you'll download and print out when you receive your free session. It's easy to understand and follow. And, it won't take long to know it by heart.

This is not a rigid diet. It is a complete change in your eating behavior that causes you to not only enjoy, but to prefer healthy food and to refuse eating unhealthy "junk" processed food.

Because of the hypnotic programming provided, you won't miss fattening, unhealthy food. In fact, you'll have no desire for it. You'll prefer to eat natural, unprocessed food that grows (vegetables and fruit), swims (sea and fresh-water fish), and flaps its wings or flies (chicken, turkey, and other fowl). Now think about all of the delicious types of food (fruits and vegetables) that grow out of the ground, off a bush, tree, or a vine. You have a huge variety to choose from in a multitude of colors just for starters. You'll never be bored with the same old thing as is common on many diets.

Think about what flies or swims that you like. Now prepare, cook, and season it to your taste. Put this all together with your favorite vegetables and fruit and you'll have an idea of how you'll prefer to eat. We have never seen a candy bar grow on a tree or soda pop bubble up out of the ground. We have noticed that donuts don't grow on vines and cows and pigs don't fly. However, chickens do flap their wings and lay eggs, as do turkeys and numerous other game birds. We also know that fish swim. If any food, such as processed food, does not grow, swim, or fly, you will not allow it into your mouth until you have achieved the look you desire while looking at yourself in a mirror.

Once you have the trim look you want, weight maintenance automatically begins. You may then have processed food on an occasion, in moderation. So, if it's your birthday, have a slice of birthday cake and a small bowl of ice cream. It won't hurt you at all. If you are invited to your neighbor's backyard barbecue? If you look trim in that mirror of yours, then go to that barbecue and enjoy. Once again, it won't hurt you at all because it is on an occasion and you'll prefer to eat sensibly (in moderation). Due to the hypnotic programming provided, that's the way you'll think and behave. 99% of the time, you'll prefer to eat and drink healthy food and beverages, but you will not be denied occasional foods that do not grow, swim, or fly.

You'll eat 3 satisfying, healthy meals and two convenient, delicious snacks daily. You'll eat every three hours you're awake to greatly speed up your metabolism which expedites the burning of calories.

You'll prefer fresh water to any other beverage and crave drinking 8 to 10 eight-ounce glasses of it daily.

You will never be hungry.

You will not weigh yourself. You will not have to count calories, carbohydrates, the percentage of fiber you consume, or be concerned with fat, salt, or sugar intake. That's all taken care of automatically by simply eating healthy, natural food that grows, swims, or flies.

Portion control is governed by your appetite and the size of your hands. It doesn't get any easier. This is explained in detail in Dr. Dean's Guide to Weight Loss PDF.

This eating regimen works in restaurants or if you pack a lunch for work or dine at a friend's home.

You are encouraged to take a potent multi-vitamin and mineral tablet at your super market with your breakfast, daily. Otherwise, there is no exotic food supplements or "magic" pills that hold out a promise to make you lose weight. There are no such pills that will make this happen for the long term that are safe for human consumption.

This is not a fad, trick, or rabbit food diet. It's simply good weight loss science which you'll be hypnotized to follow and enjoy. This is not an expensive, boring diet featuring cardboard boxed foods you must rehydrate to eat. It's not a starvation shake diet. Such seriously calorie and nutritionally restricted diets rarely work for the long term for most people. This program is a lifestyle change... a way of life that promotes better health, fast yet safe weight loss, and weight maintenance once you like the way you look in a mirror. You'll go by how you look and feel and not by what a weight scale tells you. You'll be sensitive to inch reduction with a weekly measurement of key places on your body.

Be advised, while your grocery bill should drop significantly by eating natural, healthy food rather than junk, processed food in a can or box, you may have to spend money on new clothes. You see, by listening to this free weight loss hypnosis session "as directed", and listening to the 10-minute, daily reinforcement sessions "as directed" within the next 30 days, we can assure you that nothing you own will fit you... and we mean nothing at all. Now, you can't say we didn't warn you.

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